Embrace The Future!

Saving you time, effort and money; digital interviewing is a game changer for the recruitment & staffing industry. Enabling you to pre-screen high volumes of applicants, reduce the overhead of interviewing unsuitable candidates, saving on travel costs and remove geographical restrictions. Digital interviewing is able to provide a quick turnaround on urgent positions while offering a more interpersonal experience than telephone interviewing.

Offered as part of a wider recruitment solution or a standalone service; our digital interview platform can be used to perform first stage screening interviews, taken at the applicants convenience or to conduct live video interviews.

We will work with you to define suitable interview questions for your vacancy and set the parameters of the screening interview. We’ll then assist in issuing invitations to candidates with their only requirement beingĀ a camera enabled device such as a laptop, tablet or mobile with internet connectivity.

Once all complete you have the ability to review and score each interview in your own time, share with your colleagues and decide upon who you wish to invite for face to face or live video interview.

Digital Interviewing

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