Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Charter

At Human Capital Ventures we embrace equality and diversity within all of our business related activities and strive to make sure that our clients meet achieve their own range of diversity targets.

We treat everyone, with no exceptions, equally and will not discriminate against anything when submitting candidates for a vacancy on the grounds of their age, disability, gender, re-assignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

Wherever possible we make adjustments to the recruitment and selection process to ensure that disabled candidates are not placed at a disadvantage.

We support our clients by recruiting employees whose skills, experience and attitude are suitable for their roles regardless of age, and we encourage our clients not to include any age or gender criteria in their job specifications.

We recognise that part-time and temporary employees are entitled to the same benefits as full-time permanent employees in matters such as rates of pay, holiday entitlement and maternity leave, albeit on a pro rata basis.

There may be certain situations where clients require candidates with a specific characteristic for a job role, because this characteristic is an occupational requirement. For example, a job role working with people from a particular ethnic background may require candidates from the same ethnic background who speak the same language. However, we avoid stipulating unnecessary requirements.

Throughout our business activities we are committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. We continuously review all aspects of our recruitment process to avoid unlawful discrimination. All our employees are briefed fully on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion as part of their induction process and we have a procedure in place for monitoring compliance with our policy with any complaints investigated fully.

Please contact us directly for our published Equality and Diversity Policy.